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Agility at the Speed of Kwality

The Agile UnManefesto

Dr. Dobb article on Agile umpteen years later. The Agile process is popular but sometimes just doesn’t turn out so well.  Process in general improves the end product, thats the idea anyway.

My own feeling is that Agile tries to capture how a high quality engineer works. Unfortunately, it takes a high quality engineer. Agile really depends on a great team leader and a good team to be successful, more so than other processes.

From the article, link below.

First, let’s jump to what most people will perceive to be the end results. As a group, we agreed on the following four belief statements:

  1. Demand technical excellence
  2. Promote individual change and lead organizational change
  3. Organize knowledge and improve education
  4. Maximize value creation across the entire process

Let’s dive down into what these belief statements imply. The first statement, demand technical excellence, is a reflection both of the general values of the working group and also our frustration with what we’re seeing in practice — or more accurately, not seeing in practice.

Read more here http://drdobbs.com/architecture-and-design/229301128

Agile development explained

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